When it comes to protecting your home, the right attic insulation is crucial. Proper attic insulation is essential for reducing energy costs and preventing mold and fungus. Spray foam insulation is another option that is commonly used by Wimberley TX residents. It is a versatile type of insulation that expands up to thirty-one hundred and twenty times its liquid volume.

When it comes to attic insulation, a home that is under-insulated can lose up to twenty percent of its heat. The lack of a proper insulation system can cause a significant increase in utility bills and make it difficult to keep a house comfortable. It is vital to have your attic inspected by an expert to ensure that the proper level of insulation is installed.

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Poorly insulated attics can result in icicles forming on the roof eaves. USA Installation insulation experts can inspect your attic for problems and make any necessary improvements to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. For example, USA Premium Foam insulation reduces the chance of mold and fungus growth and is safe for your health. In addition to this, the company offers fast and affordable installation.

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